Hostel Room- Lesbian Sex-II

This time I was more interested to taste her, I wanted to feel and taste her cunt as deep as I could get. Chandrika too was desperate to feel my tongue. She was already moaning and waiting for my tongue to penetrate her.

As I approached her to lick her with my tongue I realised how beautiful her cunt was. The outer lips of her cunt appeared so soft, perhaps she had shaven them in morning only. I parted the outer lips of her cunt with my thumb and finger, and the inner lips were moist and were as beautiful. The inner lips invited me to lick them. Chandrika had closed her eyes and was anticipating my tongue playing with her clit and then penetrating her.

I held her left outer lip in my lips and started feeling its smooth, soft and supple surface with my tongue. My lose hair covered the entire action. As they were flowing freely over sides of her pelvis and covered her naked stomach till her naval. She penetrated layer of hair with her fingers and started scratching my scalp softly. With other hand she was playing with her tits.


I played with left and right outer lobes of her cunt with my lips and tongue for a while. Next I shifted my focus to her inner lobes. She was whispering names of most sexy and handsome hunks of our campus. I pulled the hair back and raised my head from there to look at her face. Her eyes were closed and she was breathing heavily. Playing with her tits she opened her eyes. She gave me a lustful smile and I moved upwards. My breasts deliberately rubbing against her cunt. She held my face and hungrily looked at my lips.

How do I taste? She asked


Let me taste myself. My fluids are all over your lips, let me clean them.

I moved myself closer to her. She struck out her tongue and licked my lips affectionately. She swallowed all what she could get from my lips.

I taste wonderful Anubha. I wonder how you taste.

I gave her a deep kiss and went down upon her. I licked her inner lobes and pushed my tongue inside and started stroking it in harmonious motions. Each stroke made Chandrika moan louder than previous one. She set her breasts free and clasped my head with both her hands. She was muttering names of different boys. I wondered how many will she fuck in a single session.

Her grip was getting stronger with every stroke and her back was raising into a higher arch. And then she relaxed still muttering names. I raised my head as she relaxed with closed eyes. Not knowing what to do or expect next I sat on the corner of the bed. She opened her eyes and looked at me affectionately.

You deserve a prize for what you gave me today, she said.

I smiled back.

She held my face and started a deep deep kiss. It was a very wet kiss. Smearing my lips with generous amount of her saliva. In turn she was again tasting her own self.

You too deserve oral pleasure, she said. And I need to taste you as well.

She moved between my legs when I held her head back

Lets save it for some other day Chandrika, I said.

She agreed with a smile. We dressed up and went to mess. We sat across the table giving sexy smiles to each another and teasing other one with feet.


Hostel Room- Lesbian Sex

Moving to hostel meant freedom. I had moved to the new world of hostel life. In this premier management school choice of hostels needed to match your pocket. From air conditioned cubicles to ordinary sharing rooms. I had chosen a twin sharing room with a cooler. My roommate would be Chandrika. We both had apprehensions about our ability to adjust with each another. I came from south Indian city and she belonged to Hindi heartland – Uttar Pradesh. We started setting our room that evening. Both were nostalgic as we were alone, faraway from family and with strangers. First evening the things started falling in place. We were much like each other.

We framed rules for the conduct in the room. In our hostel boys were allowed till 11 pm. We were 60 girls in that hostel, with passing time we learnt only me and Chandrika have had sex before, rest all were virgins. Only handful would lose virginity by the time we graduated, rest had a resolve to present intact hymen to their husbands.

Two months had passed and I had used my fingers only twice and enjoyed orgasm. Both times it was done when Chandrika was away and would not return another 1 hrs time. Chandrika too might have enjoyed a few times, I was unaware, till that evening when I entered room while Chandrika was masturbating. Our eyes made contact and I left the room.

Next day we were talking more openly about sex. Masturbation rules were framed, as boys would come to our room frequently, it was mandatory to let room partner know about plans to masturbate. This was kind of insurance for not landing in an embarrassing situation where boys could see one of us masturbating.

It was a Saturday evening, at 8 pm Chandrika was still in Library and she was busy with her case study. I decided to have a masturbation session (without informing Chandrika). I loosened my bra, removed one leg of pyjama and pink panty. I covered eggplant with condom and kept it aside. I fondled my breasts and remembered some most handsome boys in our batch and was wet down there. I teased myself with eggplant rubbing against my clit. Key moved into the door lock and it was open even before I could react.

Chandrika stood at the door, eyes popping out, staring at me with wide smile on her face. Eggplant half inside me and my legs spread apart. She bolted the door from inside and screamed “you bitch”.

In a flash she was on the bed, she held my breasts in her hand and asked me to continue. All lubrication had disappeared by this time.

Lets go for dinner Chandrika.

You naughty bitch lets have sex today.

Her proposal made sense, yet I wasn’t able to muster enough courage to take a plunge.

She removed her t-shirt and bra and shoved her boob into my mouth, I licked it a bit, half-heartedly. She pulled back, “ lets kiss.”

Oh come on I am not a lesbian.

Me too, but let’s try.

I wondered how I can kiss a girl, thought of it gave me a bad feeling. Even before I could say no Chandrikas lips had breached the boundary of my lips. Her lower lip was between my lips. She sucked it with passion. I lost my self. Her tongue played with mine. Lip lock and the passion to swallow each other’s lip produced very erotic noises. She held my face with both her hands, her eyes were closed. I held both her boobs and started kneading them, enough of fluids had been exchanged by now, our jaws were getting fatigued, and we separated. Her hand reached out to my cunt. She smoothly and lovingly caressed it. I unbuckled her denims and slid them down. Sight of her fair beautiful cunt made my heart race. I pushed her on the bed and parted her legs. I was in two minds, to taste her or not to taste her. Before I could decide she pulled me there.

I entered her cunt with my tongue. I felt the ridges there, it was wet smelling sweet and throbbing. She gave out a loud moan. I continued. Her back arched up and her hands held my head in place, firmly.

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I set my self free from her grip, left her withering with ecstasy.

Lick me Anubha, please lick me.

I went flat on her. My cunt on hers and my boobs kissing hers. I locked lips again.

Let saliva flow.

That I was on top I let a free stream of it into her mouth.

She grabbed the eggplant with her hand and was trying to penetrate me. I slid to the side and guided it in. she started sucking my breasts and thrusting it in and out of my cunt. Within a moment I reached orgasm and was flat.

She kissed me with tender love but her eyes were hungry. I was again between her legs.

To be continued…..

Bathtub Love Making

Continued from chocolate on my breasts…


As I felt his cock stiffen under my cunt, I got up and went into the bathroom. I turned the knob of faucet to fill bathtub. Vaibhav followed me and grabbed me in the bathroom, he held my breasts in both his hands and locked his lips with mine. I held his penis with my right hand and squeezed it with gentle pressure. It was enough to let him give a moan.

I freed myself from his grip and pushed him into the bath tub, it had rich foam on surface and lukewarm water beneath. Aroma of soap made the place sexier. I moved out and went to dining table to grab chocolate sauce from there. When I returned he was staring at the door with hungry lustful eyes. I placed one of my foot between his legs and with one hand I held his dick with my teeth I softly chewed his lower lip, applying moderate pressure on both, the lip and the dick. He went mad, breathing heavily he held my face with both hands and started sucking my lips, my tongue explored every nook and corner of his mouth. We released each another and I settled opposite to him in the bath tub.

You are killing me Anubha.

You fuck me as much as you can Vaibhav, but you still will be hungry for me, I promise.

I placed my right foot on his left shoulder. My toes resting on his collar bone. I had got pedicure done the previous day, Toes were painted electric blue, and my feet still emanated fragrance of pedicure. He sniffed and started licking my foot. Without moving his head, his tongue creased the arch of my foot. He held the faucet in his hand and sprayed enough water on my foot to clean all foam. Before he could make any move I moved my left foot on to his chest, flatly resting there and restricting his movement. He held my right foot with both his hands and started licking my big toe, running his tongue over thick smooth layer of nail paint.


I tossed chocolate sauce to him and he grabbed it, he squeezed generous amount of it on my foot. Chocolate quickly trickled between my fingers, over the curve of my foot around the ankle and on the heel. He lifted my foot higher and looked at it for 10 seconds, I knew he was hungry.

What are you waiting for fucker? Lick it.

He softly moved his tongue along the curve of my heel my left foot still restricting his movements. I entered myself with my fingers and gave out a loud moan. My moan was enough to take him to the edge. He moved his tongue around my ankles and cleaned the top of my foot with his lips hungrily and swiftly working on it.

Clean sole and toes of my foot and then fuck me, I commanded.

His tongue moved between each and every toe, he rolled his tongue around every finger and gave out loud moans. He moved his left hand to his dick and started rubbing it. I released his chest and with my foot I set his dick free, I wanted him to pound me for longer period. It set a great sense of urgency in him. He licked my foot along the arch and it was all clean. His lips and mouth were all smeared with chocolate. He quickly licked all chocolate and begged, let me enter you Anubha.

I stood up and came across to him. I placed my right foot on edge of the bath tub with my thigh arching over his left shoulder. Left foot was placed between his legs with his balls resting on my toes. I held the faucet with right hand and started shower over my cunt, with left hand I pulled him close to my cunt. The gentle pressure of shower and his tongue both made me scream in pleasure. He was sucking and licking hungrily. I realised his hand has made way to his dick. I stopped it all and moved out of bath tub. Commanding him to come out. I placed my foot on edge of bath tub and arched my body over the bath tub. He entered me from behind holding both my breasts in his hands. As he started pounding me I held the wall with left hand and with right I held the faucet and started a full shower on to my cunt. The moment the water hit us both we gave out loud moans, I had never tried it before. He too was feeling the pressure pleasurable. In no time we were about there. My grip on faucet went loose and it fell in bath tub. Ecstasy had taken over, faucet did not matter anymore.


Fuck me Vaibhav fuck me….. don’t stop fill me…..

I am exploding sexy …… I am your slave…..

And his warm fluid filled me.


We settled in bath tub, with my back resting on his chest and head on his shoulder. He still fondled with my boobs and nibbled my earlobe.

Chocolate on My Breasts

Continued from Yellow Heels….

Chocolate sauce covered head of his penis in a thick layer and flowed down the length of penis in 3-4 narrow streams ending in little drops. It looked scrumptious and I could not wait any more. I held head of his penis with my lips. Soft enough that he could feel the softness, moister and warmth of my lips. Lips around the head were firm enough to scrape a thin layer of chocolate when the lips moved upwards. He gave out a moan and his body stiffened. He held my head with both his hands and he wanted me to continue. I looked at his begging eyes and licked chocolate from my lips with an erotic smile.

I repeated the same but this time more firmly, he got desperate and his grip on my head became firm. Head of his penis was now clean. I stood up brought my lips close to his lips and again licked chocolate from my lips. I was close enough to him. Lower side of my tongue grazed his quivering lips. He wanted to swallow it but I again went on my knees.

I cleaned his penis with 4-5 strokes of my tongue. Every time my warm moist tongue made contact with his penis he gave out a loud moan. I stood up and held his penis with one hand. Tips of two fingers covered his balls and length of my palm held his penis. It was throbbing and dying to feel warmth of my vagina.

With other hand I poured chocolate sauce on my breast, he hungrily started licking my breasts. With passage of time I squeezed more chocolate sauce, more than he could lick. It started flowing down from my breasts and in many channels it flowed towards my naval. From sides it started flowing to my pelvic bone and from hear the channels made thick stream to flow towards my genitals. I stopped squeezing it.

I gave out loud moans as he licked and sucked my breasts. I wanted him inside, but before that he had to clean chocolate from my naval and genitals. My stomach muscles twitched in pleasure as he licked chocolate from there.

I released his penis as he went lower on my body. With the hand thus free I penetrated myself. I was extremely wet and throbbing. I could not control my moans as he licked chocolate from my naval and then went down to lick from sides of my cunt. My fingers inside multiplied my pleasure. I wanted him to fuck me hard now. I knew his thick penis inside me at this moment will give e best ever orgasm. I pulled my fingers out and he had just finished cleaning chocolate. I licked one finger to taste myself and the other one I put in his mouth. With just perfect pressure he licked and cleaned it.

Anubha let me fuck you now, I cant wait.

Fuck me hard and fuck me long, fill me with your load, it smells like heaven.

I pushed him on the dinning chair and sat on him. His penis making way inside. Both of us gave out loud moans in unison. My breasts touching him just above his breasts. He pressed his lips on my neck. He started working on my body with his lips and tongue and I started rhythmic motions. I held his tongue in my lips and as the up and down motions happened his tongue too moved in and out of my lips. Everything happened like dream. My moans were getting louder so were his.


I pushed his mouth on to my breast and he struck out his tongue, rest was taken care of by the rhythm.

Both of us were about to explode, I started giving out louder moans as he followed the course. He filled me and he filled me deep inside.

I stopped moving yet sat on him. I made his lips work on my breasts as I relaxed.

On bed we embraced each other affectionately. His face between my breasts and his limp penis touching my cunt. My hand worked on his back.

He raised his head and started nibbling my lips. I too started sucking his, I rolled myself over him, filling his mouth with my oral secretions. I started getting wet again and I could feel his penis stiffen again.

Fuck me again and fuck me harder this time!!!



Yellow Heels

It was a long weekend, I had taken leave for Friday, three days home alone, and I had many plans. My parents were leaving for Mysore from Bangalore to spend weekend with my paternal Aunt. I had asked Vaibhav to come over to my place on Friday morning. It was long back that we had quality time together and had enjoyed leisurely sex.

Thursday night we all went to bed early as parents had to leave at 7 am. I was struggling to sleep, Vaibhav had invaded my thoughts. I decided to masturbate so as I can sleep well, I wanted to have a good relaxed sleep before I cuddled naked with Vaibhav. I removed my bra and started fondling my boobs, I fingered myself to a small quick orgasm, enough to push me to deep slumber.

At 7 am my parents left for Mysore, I waited for full one hour before I could begin my enjoyment. At 8 am I called them up, they had travelled nearly 70 kms. I knew it was safe now. Vaibhav was expected at 9 am.

I stripped and decided to spend entire day like that only. I took shower and walked into kitchen to boil a pot of tea that I saw Vaibhavs car park outside our gate, he was 30 min before time. I turned off gas and rushed to my wardrobe. I pulled out my yellow heels, wore some light lipstick & looked at myself in mirror. My shaven cunt looked sexy, my pretty feet wanted some passionate kisses and my taut boobs were dying to get sucked.

Vaibhav knocked at the door and I walked across making enough noise with heels that he gets the feel of it. I pulled out a chocolate from refrigerator. He pressed the bell again, instead of opening the door I picked up door phone.

Hi sexy, what do you want.

I want to fuck you he replied.

Its not that easy, you need to please me first.

I will do all that you want.

Ok, you will not suck, lick or touch my feet.

That’s not fair, you know I have such a big foot fetish for your feet.

Then you will have to do two things, one pull out your dick before you come in and second, find some chocolate which I have hidden on my body, that too in 15 seconds. (he did not know I was naked already)

I am ready.

The door is open walk in. Saying so I chewed few cubes of chocolate.

He pushed the door slightly and pulled out his dick and was surprised to see me naked in front of him.

He rushed to me and fell on his knees kissing my cunt. He licked it passionately when I warned him 3 seconds had already gone to find chocolate.

Where can you hide you are naked. Maybe under your feet as he tried to feel them with his tongue I reminded him of the deal.


He got up and planted his lips on mine. I had chewed chocolate enough and mixed with saliva, it made a tasty mixture. Dark streaks of chocolate flowed from corners of our lips. He swallowed as much as he could. His tongue worked between my gums and lips to clean any chocolate struck there. His tongue moved over my tongue making me intensely wet.

I want more he begged.

Find it in arches of my feet but before that be comfortable.

He nearly tore apart his clothes. Head of his penis peeped out from his foreskin. I planted the tip of my tongue on it and teased the edges of foreskin with my tongue. Vaibhav gave out a desperate moan. I moved his foreskin back and made a loop with my tongue around the head of his penis. I put it in mouth and sucked it, few drops of fluid from his dick trickled into my mouth.

Anubha, you make me mad he said.

I swallowed him and gave him few passionate strokes. We moved to the bedroom and I pushed him on the bed. I climbed the bed and placed my foot on his chest, arch facing his mouth and it was far enough not to allow him a full lick and kiss but close enough to let his tongue go under arch. Chocolate had already softened there he licked the chocolate hungrily. Other hand was caressing my other foot. He begged me to remove heels and let him worship my feet.

I lifted my foot from his chest had sat on his mouth. My moist wet cunt on his lips, suck it first I said. I slightly lifted myself pushed my fingers inside and tasted my own self. His tongue felt the ridges inside me and he moaned in pleasure. My vagina had started throbbing, I turned around to make a perfect 69 position and swallowed his dick. My tits touching this stomach affectionately.

He released himself from my cunt and stared licking my feet. He licked out more chocolate from my second foot.

I want more chocolate Anubha, he begged.

I released his dick planted a kiss on his lips and went into kitchen, assuring him he will get more.

He followed me as I picked chocolate syrup from kitchen. I stopped him near the dining table and poured a spoon full of syrup on his dick.



Sunday Session-II

By this time I had made-up my mind to enjoy the moment but at my terms. I pitied RPS as he fondled my breasts from over my t-shirt. He wore a very intoxicating perfume. I had goose bumps as he kissed me around my neck and ears. His hands still covered my breasts. I slowly loosened my bra and with the same hand I rubbed his penis over his shorts. He turned me around in a violent move and slipped his hands inside my t-shirt. With a naughty look I raised my hands up and he removed my t-shirt.

I knew he was dying to see my assets, so was Uday. I saw their eye balls pop at sight of my stiff and erect breasts. He started sucking my left one and with other hand he held the right one. He kneaded it softly and I enjoyed the moment.

On the sofa Chandrikas hand moved on to Udays flaccid dick, she lovingly started moving her hand in circular motions over it. Uday started stiffening and playfully started licking her tits.

RPS removed his t-shirt and he pushed my right hand into his underpants. His dick was stiff and throbbing to get inside. I moved my hand back and loosened my shorts and lowered my panties. His right hand moved on to my clit and with his fingers he entered me. I gave out a moan, he leaped forward to hold my lip with his, I moved a bit backwards. My tits touched his chest and I felt a current run down him. He wanted to grab me and feel my lips inside his lips and wanted my boobs press against his chest.

Uday had stiffened by now, he was hungrily looking at me as were I. Chandrika positioned him well and mounted on her dick, both facing us. As he penetrated chandrika she made him hold her breasts and started up and down motions.



I pushed RPS back and positioned myself on the kitchen table. RPS held his dick and wanted to penetrate me, I had other plans. I held him from back of his head and made him lick my cunt. I held him at the place with my hands on his head and legs crossing into a lock over his back. His tongue penetrated as much as it could have and his lips teased my clit. He stopped for a gasp of air and pleaded me to let him have a big fuck. I allowed him only a gasp of air and put him back to work.

Chandrika was moaning loud in ecstasy and Uday was enjoying the fuck looking into my eyes.

RPS continued working on me and with his right hand he held his dick and started stroking it. I was about to orgasm, Chandrika too had become too loud. Suck me hard I commanded and he obeyed. It lasted forever. Chandrika too had a fuck of life time.

I released him from my grip and went on knees in front of him. He anticipated me to swallow him, but he was not that lucky. I held him from his foreskin and started stroking his dick. “Let me fuck you Anubha” he begged. I continued and within 15- 20 strokes he was releasing his fluid.

I left him there gave a passionate kiss to Chandrika with our lips locked and went to shower. Dressed up and drove home without lunch.

I had much more pleasure waiting me there.



Sunday Session

Chandrika and Uday had moved in together on Saturday noon, after long courtship. Chandrika invited me over lunch for Sunday, she had invited RPS as well, our classmate. I tried to dissuade her, for two reasons I particularly disliked RPS and also I had planned Sunday to be nude day for myself. I had planned some self-fondling and masturbation sessions, yet she insisted and I had to accept the invite.

At 11 am I reached he flat at Nirvana Country, not far away from my house in Vipul Greens in Gurgaon. RPS was already there. As the boys chatted I asked her privately about their first night together. “We were too tired yesterday so did not have any fun, but todays night is going to be steamy”, she told me. Uday was too hot and I too wouldn’t have minded if we could have threesome. But that was only a fantasy.

Uday and RPS setup carom and it would be a ’strip game’, every time a team lost they would strip one garment, both teams will start with equal number of layers of clothes. It was T shirts and undershirt/bra and shorts and under pants for both teams. Striping in front of Chandrika was not a problem at all, in hostel we had stripped many a times and had many masturbation sessions together. We even knew how the other one tasted. Chandrika used to get too wet. Uday too was not a problem, I had fantasised him many a times, but RPS was a definite problem.

Chandrika and Uday teaming up left me with no option but to win all games and all in succession. I knew RPS would play to lose and that posed a big challenge. We won the first game and Chandrika and Uday stripped a layer. We won 2nd and 3rd as well and chandrika sat topless, with her beautiful breasts in full gaze. Uday held her breasts and sucked them leaning over the carom. Chandrika moaned and slipped her hand into her panties.

I wished Uday sucked mine as well, they were bigger and more firm than that of Chandrika. At this point RPS wanted to lose all the games and I wanted to win this last one. Uday already had a stiff penis and for sure, Chandrika was wet as I was.


We won this one as well, my cheeks were red hot, I was dying to see Udays dick, given a chance I would have gone down upon him. Chandrika lowered her pink panties and Udays six and half inch dick popped out. Chandrika was already moaning and I was controlling my moans. RPS rubbed his dick as he kept staring at me.

Uday and Chandrika locked lips and explored each other’s mouths Chandrikas hand rubbed Udays shaft. I wondered how it would feel like running my tongue along his stiff penis. Uday kissed Chandrika on her neck and slowly moved to her breasts. He held her left one with both his hands and started sucking it. Chandrika stiffened and dropped he head backwards. Uday sucked her second breast as well, his left hand moved towards her cunt and she held it back. She spread open her legs on the sofa, a small streak of vaginal discharge had oozed out. Uday hungrily licked it with his tongue, Chandrikas moans got louder.

RPS and I were breathing heavily and I was contemplating how to avoid sexual encounter with him. I certainly did not want to give him pleasure of my body.

Chandrika held Uday from his hair and pulled him up to her breasts, Uday too was moaning with choking   throat. He sucked her breasts and she guided him inside her. “Fuck me hard and deep Uday, let your fluid fill me,” she moaned. Uday started thrusting her in rhythmic motions, her breasts bounced back and forth. She moaned with her open mouth and her nails dug deep into Udays back.

RPS slipped his hand into my T shirt but I put it back on his thigh.

Uday was moaning her name and in turn she was producing sounds of gratification. She gave out a loud moan lasting 30 seconds and slackened for a moment. While Uday kept the pelvic motions on. She grabbed his face hand started sucking his lips. She let generous amount of saliva out while Uday discharged.

They were spent for now and I had to think fast. I got up and wet to kitchen to boil some tea. As I set tea on flame I slipped my hand into my panties and started playing with my clit. RPS followed me and cupped my breasts from behind…………. To be continued.